Base Treatments: All services start with a base treatment of balanced sodium & chloride, designed to supplement human plasma.

Additional Treatments: The nurse or physician will conduct a full health assessment and tailor their recommendations for all additional medications, injections, and vitamins & minerals. Costs can vary as they are based solely on individual patient health needs.

$99 = 500mL Base IV Treatment

$119 = 1000mL Base IV Treatment

$119 – $159: Avg. Cost Mobile IV Appointment


*We source all medicines and supplies from only U.S. based, reputable, FDA approved medical suppliers. We pride ourselves on using only the best and safest medicines in the industry. We do not bargain for quality.

Discounts & Recurring Services:

5% off treatments for senior citizens (65 and older)

10% off treatments with 3 visits

5% off for AAA Members

5% off for AARP Members

Conditions: Not combined with any other discount(s), Recurring treatments must be pre-paid or 30% total deposit